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= Argentina Enjooyer.

Sovereign Individual and resident at SovSpot. Have been living in Argentina since 2005. You can follow me for insights about LatAm, WiFi income and more.


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Mara Substack

On my personal Substack you can find more articles about moving to and investing in Argentina, including stories about historic events.

WiFiAgency Substack

Learn how to generate WiFi money as a digital agency owner. Stack includes how-to's and many SOPs to start your agency today.

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SovSpot Development

I am creating a platform for sovereign individuals like myself where peeps can find the best residency & citizenship options.

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I am available for a 60 or 30 minute call about real estate investments, residency and citizenship in Argentina or WiFi Agency related topics. Schedule your appointment here.

Email: info@sovspot.com
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After your payment is completed, you will receive a calendar booking link.

Any questions, just DM me on Twitter.